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Beer People

Earth Station is a community-based brewery, dreamed up by Beer People. 

Friends and former colleagues Jenn Merrick, Sarah Elkins and Gravity Systems are joining professional forces & making it happen together. 

Earth Station are committed to the dual missions of brewing world class beers and benefitting our local community. Combining an insiders' perspective with a social conscience, we hope to stay grounded and change the world, one pint at a time!

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

We're building it in London's Royal Docks  

Transforming a formerly disused patch of North Woolwich industrial land into an exciting hub for creativity and manufacturing. 

Our doors (once they are built !) will be wide open to our colleagues in the industry, our neighbours living in the Docks and anyone else seeking education or a career in brewing. 

We are particularly interested in providing opportunities to women, people of colour and other under-represented groups, improving diversity and modernising the brewing trade.

Skills Pipeline

Pipework is a Social Enterprise scheme created by Earth Station Brewing Co. 

Pipework will provide education and employment opportunities at both the local and national level. We already working with breweries, educators and government to develop a brand new brewing apprenticeship standard. Under our shed roof, we will offer classroom space, training and administrative support to employers and apprentices in the brewing industry. As a cooperative training resource, the Pipework Programme will bring together mentors, apprentices, industry bodies and employers in a virtuous circle that benefits us all.


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